Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some early observations...


So I'm about 6k words into my iPod experiment. So far, a real plot has yet to form. But I've got a voice down, and a definite character. Her favorite sentence is, "It's not that serious." Sadly, it's turning out to be a sketchy version of my own self and life. But I guess I'm just another self-absorbed writer. Just the kind I profess hatred for. FML.

It's not that serious.

Some things I've noticed:
1. Spelling the names of places...especially two-word places...is highly annoying because autocorrect won't capitalize shit. Like "New York." Type it out on the iPod, and it types new York. Yep. It corrects the second word but doesn't understand they're a part of a set.

2. There's no grammar check. I hate hate HATE when Word underlines something in green squiggly, and then when I see what the problem is, it says, "LONG SENTENCE." I'm sorry, but when did a long sentence become forbidden in the English language? When did that become an error? The iPod doesn't give me such nonsense phrases, and it automatically corrects words instead of underlining them with red.

3. On the same token, the autocorrect is sometimes a huge pain in the ass, especially when it comes to small words. "On" and "in"..."I'd" and "is"...impossible for the iPod to tell the appropriate difference.

I'm sure more will come up. But so far, so...egh, I won't say it. I'll jynx myself.


  1. It's ok, my character is a version of me, I have to believe it is something done subconsciously.

    Still wishing you luck, I would be blind by now

  2. Given how incredibly hard english is to master and use correctly, I'm going to give Word a break and say their grammar checker is good for pointing out places I need to proof read a couple extra times.

    My character, if I were writing would be a Tree... or an orange traffic cone. The world needs more books about orange traffic cones, don't you think?

  3. the world def needs more stories from the perspectives of orange traffic cones. but seriously...writers know what it's like to be writers, and i always think there's a surplus of writers writing about writing...it's a vicious cycle :-p

    - Mila