Thursday, September 3, 2009

45 K!!!

My iPods, Homer and Maggie, have been doing well. In case you forgot, Homer is the oldddd 2005 first-color iPod EVARR, and Maggie is my iPod Touch.

Today on the subway, Maggie crashed twice until I reset her. But I didn't lose much work. I've learned that I have to reset every time I reach a high word count in a particular document. Usually between 500-1000. Homer is all right, but he runs out of battery a lot faster than Maggie. It makes sense. He's the dad. She's the energetic kid.

...OK now that I've entered into the realm of creepy...

45,000 words. Ten more to go. And now I'm at the stage where I'm thinking about promoting, marketing, pitching. And creating content for sites. And basically trying to whore myself to multiple media markets.

But but but I'm not a good whore :-(.

Megan Fox claimed to have schizophrenia. Now there's a girl who is good at whoring herself to multiple media markets. Maybe I should take a page from her book.

But I'd have to lose a billion pounds first...

Homer and Maggie are charging. Gotta get 'em ready for the morning subway ride...