Friday, May 29, 2009


So there have to be rules.

Here's the goal and whatnot:

I will write a book on my iPod touch using the NOTES less than 45,000 words. I hope to have this done by the time school starts...let's say September 5 is my deadline.

1. I cannot write on the computer, just on the iPod. Editing spacing on the computer will eventually be acceptable, but I will not do so until the entire book has been completed.

2. I will save a "raw" copy on my harddrive untainted, and all the emails to myself from my iPod just in case anyone eventually wants to test the validity of the experiment.

3. Major editing must also be done on the iPod. Major editing is anything other than spacing or changing incorrect autocorrect words. The Notes app in the iPod touch will sometimes incorrectly autocorrect words ("on" instead of "in"...etc). I can see no harm in allowing myself to correct these kinds of errors on the computer.

4. I will periodically email myself the notes to keep track of the word count, keep all the words together in chronological order, and for backup in case something happens to my iPod. When I do this, I will copy and paste the unedited data into a Microsoft Word document. I will continue doing this and I will keep the emails to myself just as extra proof (just in case someone wants to question whether or not I really copied and pasted straight from the email).

The point is to have fun, type less so my wrists stop hurting, and use time on the subway and on the road more constructively. Goodbye to dragging around a laptop or a spiral notebook - all I need is my iPod touch!

Any suggestions? Any other rules I should include??? Feedback more than welcome!!!


  1. Sounds fun...I hope you don't go blind.
    I wish you luck!!

  2. Good luck!!! This should be an interesting experiment. I sometimes text myself (to email) blog ideas so I don't forget them. I ought to try writing a cellphone blog entry sometime!