Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Technology is not without its flaws...

So I have encountered a semi-serious issue, and I am begging my more tech-savvy friends to help me out here.

Microsoft Word for iPod Touch apparently gets really confused a lot. So it will randomly shut down, and usually when I've got a good flow going. It's absolutely crushing, because it doesn't always recover anything. I would hate to have this put a damper on my iX. So far, it's been nothing but roses. But I really can't be writing with the constant fear that I'm going to lose stuff!

Psychologically...just not possible.

So, at work, someone asked me a really dumb question. They asked where the Staten Island ferry goes. My response? "The Staten Island ferry goes to Staten Island."

And they actually seemed to appreciate the response.


  1. Does just the program shutdown or does the whole iPod Touch shutdown?

    I heard that some of the "firmware" versions (like version 2.02) were buggy. I dont know what version you have or how to tell - someday I might get me an iPod.

  2. Wish I could help, but I have an iPhone and I didn't even know Word was available. I use the Notes feature which probably isn't enough for what you need. I just asked my son, who has the Touch, but he doesn't use it. Try the Apple user forums. You might luck out.

  3. Oooh when it comes to IAnything I'm in the stoneages still....sorry!